About us

Shiki Farm is located on the remote island of "Osakikamijima", in the Seto Inland Sea of the Hiroshima Prefecture. Here, we grow, pick, and process citrus fruits, vegetables, and herbs. As well as creating natural dyeing boutiques using our vegetables and fruits.

We moved from Kansai in 2019 as we were fascinated by the mild climate of Setouchi and the abundant nature surrounding the calm sea.

Getting away from the city life was pleasant. We are now enjoying the slowness of time, relationships with the loving islanders, and cherishing the rich ingredients the island has to offer.

As husband and wife, we are treasuring life alongside our dogs to our deepest content. Shiki Farm delivers the island’s abundance through farm produce and natural dyeing.

Shiki Farm Shiki Farm


About Citrus Fruits

Our farm cultivates lemons and mandarins on Osakikamijima, known as one of Japan’s famous "lemon islands".

The many types of citrus fruits thrive under the sunshine and sea breeze of Setouchi, allowing the eater to enjoy the varying flavors of sweetness, sourness, as well as experience the ocean fragrance.

It is our motto to deliver fruits grown affectionately, while still freshly picked.

This calendar represents the best time to eat citrus fruits.

Type of Citrus Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr.

Gokuwase 1 Super grown early.

Wase 2 Grown early.



About Vegetables and Herbs

The seasonal vegetables grown on Shiki Farm are proudly produced with low amounts of chemicals. Instead, the fertilizer used for our fields consists of the composts of vegetable waste after cooking, weeds, and soil.

Picked herbs are processed into an “herb sauce” with added citrus flavoring. The lemon or mandarin herb sauce pairs well with meat, fish, salads, and tomato or cheese with crackers! You can purchase the vegetables from Shiki Farm at Shiki Farm Marche.

Shiki Farm Marche

Open 1pm - around 5pm
Business Day Every saturday
Venue Shiki Farm
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Vegetable and Herb 1 Vegetable and Herb 2 Vegetable and Herb 3 Vegetable and Herb 4
and Herbs


About Natural Dyeing

The island is surrounded by an abundance of nature consisting of varying dyeing materials. The materials most commonly used include pruned tree branches and leaves, and peels of fruits, which are typically thrown away during the cultivation of our fruits and vegetables.

Interestingly, the fruits and vegetable shading changes with each passing season! The branches, leaves, and peels generate all sorts of unexpected colors.

We like to describe the process of dyeing as a five-sensory experience. We feel healed by the flavor of the fresh ingredients, ingesting the scent of dyeing, listening to the whisper of plants, enjoying the varying shades, and feeling the gentle touch of the materials.

染色について1 染色について2 染色について3 染色について4


About our Dogs!

Shiki of Shiki Farm is the name of our family’s border collie. Our mascot dog! Hoping to receive the blessing of the island’s four seasons, we named Shiki by taking one character from the names of the husband and wife and combining them. Shiki in Japanese means four seasons.

In December 2020, we welcomed the two siblings of Shiki into our family. Soie and Arthur! The three of them are running around full of energy. The photo displays Shiki in the back right, Arthur in the back left, and Soie in the middle!

Shiki Farm

About Osakikamijima

"Osakikamijima" is a remote island off the Hiroshima Prefecture located in the Seto Inland Sea. It is blessed with a mild climate with stable temperature and humidity year round. The island is also filled with an abundance of nature.

Ferries can take you to and from the island, so you can fully enjoy the beauty of Setouchi’s islands.